Keeping Plants Alive

One of the most common questions I get asked is “How do you keep your plants alive?”.  To be perfectly honest, I wing it a lot of the time.  Although, upon further reflection, I have had a keen interest in indoor plants for a few years now which I suppose brings knowledge, which then brings the capacity to wing it.

To answer this question, I need to trace back and think about the beginning of my plant passion.  When I knew nothing!  Let me tell you, a lot of plants died in the process and a lot of money went down the drain.  I am a person who always learns, loves to gather new knowledge and make a point out of learning lessons from my mistakes, albeit the hard way, always.  I’m also a person who absolutely hates wasting money, but also waste in general.

Plants would look beautiful for a few weeks but ended up as death sitting in a window.  This wasn’t on.  I was determined to make this work, determined to have greenery and life in my home.  Determined to not fail, rather thrive in my new found hobby.  I began to research.

FullSizeRenderThe tiny care label provided with a new plant is very rarely sufficient.  This I discovered quite quickly.  Pinterest has always been a good friend to me, an enemy to my insomnia, but a wonderful companion for my creativity.  The abundance of articles on plants is magnificent.

I could go on about plants for pages, but I have two top tips which I will share with you right now.

1. Know your plant and know it’s water needs

At the risk of sounding irresponsible, indoor plants actually thrive on neglect.  Do not drown them in water overload.  A common misconception about keeping your house plants alive is that you must love them and literally shower them with love.  Please, don’t do this!  They will most likely die!  (Of course, there are exceptions to this for some water loving plants such as Philodendrons, ferns, moss.)  In most cases, your plant will require the soil to be mostly dry before needing another drink.

2. Light is food for your plants

Get an understanding of the different light requirements for your plants.  Bright light, bright direct sunlight, bright filtered light, low light etc.  Some plants need full sun, some plants need extremely bright light but not direct sun (direct sun may burn them), some plants may need a little sun baking session each week for a nutrient boost and some plants will thrive in low light.  Low light, however, can be a trap.  All plants require SOME light to live.  So don’t go putting plants in a completely dark room with zero natural light.  For example, we have a powder room in our house that has no window.  It’s a tiny little room with a toilet and basin, but no plants.  Yes, this pains me dearly, but I can’t bring myself to put an artificial plant in there.  So I have accepted the fact that there will be no life in that tiny room.

Indoor plants are such a joy to have.  They provide life to your environment, boost your air quality significantly, add a touch of jungle to your space and are extremely therapeutic.  It is such an achievement when you can figure out how to keep a plant alive.  Anyone and everyone can have plants inside.  The ultimate decor piece to make your house a home.



Note.  I am not a plant expert, rather someone who loves plants.  All words are my own and all advice is from my personal findings.


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